Julie and Richard Handrahan, Family Member (Wife) and Resident

Rich and I want to let you all know what an impact you made on our lives. You all went above and beyond as to the special care you gave us both. The nursing staff, housekeeping, food service (which was Rich’s favorite), social services, physical therapy and maintenance was the best ever.  Allowing me to stay with Rich as much as possible eased my mind and I think helped Rich adjust to the facility.  We want to say a heartfelt, THANK YOU TO ALL!

Kathy Fox, Family Member (Daughter) and Volunteer

CCHO staff are thoughtful, courteous and caring.  We feel at home visiting our mother.  As a volunteer, also, it is a blessing to be able to assist staff and serve the residents.

Wilma “Willi” Jordan, Resident

I was scared to have surgery, it took me years to think it through but my friends and family told me that if I wanted to live in my house, I’d need to have my knee fixed.  After surgery I ended up at CCHO for rehabilitation.  I was afraid at first, but the first second I came to CCHO, I noticed all the staff members had smiles on their faces and how they worked with each other and the residents.  If I had a choice, I’d come back here.  I was treated like a queen; and with the convenience of also being connected to Osceola Medical Center, its perfect here.

Debbie Heidel, LPN, HUC/Medical Records

The convenience of our link to the Osceola Medical Center is priceless. Residents love that they don’t have to go out in the cold or travel far to get treatment.

Sue DeMenge, Scheduler

“I enjoy working at CCH of Osceola because of the home style living it offers, this is not an institution. Also, meals here are wonderful and there are many options available for residents, employees and visitors.”

Andrea Gasper, CNA

What I like most about CCH of Osceola is the great therapy program it offers. We are able to help residents transition back into the community and we also offer exercise programs for residents that live here long-term.

Kris Silbernagel, Cook

The residents, employees and visitors are all so happy! The food here is great, I’ve never seen such good food served in a nursing home and we are always working on how to make it better. The music and entertainment is great and you can see that the residents have fun and love it. And housekeeping does such a great job, it is always so bright and clean here.